Winter is over, but humanitarian problems aren’t gone! What can we do now for Ukraine? We can help - with generators, warm clothes, medicines. It is impossible to immediately stop the war, and immediate change the power in Russia is unrealistic, but we can at least make life easier for those who are under shelling, who suffer from a lack of basic amenities.
You can help Ukraine by buying these much needed items for its residents.
We deliver the stoves and generators from the Polish border to Kyiv, where the organization Dopomoga dityam viyny (meaning “Helping the children of war”) distributes and installs the equipment.
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There are two options you can help us

You can donate to our corporate account in Poland
You can buy a heater online, via a store or a sales platform
Our corporate account in Poland
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USD IBAN PL 95 1160 2202 0000 0002 9748 8976

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Bank Name and Address: Bank Millennium S.A. ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2a, 02-593 Warsaw Poland

Recipient Name and Address:
«Fundacja WOT», ul. Jaworzyńska 4 lok.2, 00-634 Warsaw Poland Warsaw, Poland
Payment reference: Contribution for statutory activities - purchase of heaters for Ukraine


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Alternatively, you can buy a heater online,
via a store or a sales platform

The online stores include (but aren’t limited to):





На 02.03.2023 г. собрано:
  • 166 139 zł
  • 262 203 €
  • 82 249 $
  • 35 354 £
Доставлено в Украину, Киев, Харьков, Львов, Одессу, Черкассы и др. города и населённые пункты по состоянию на 09.02.2023 г. :.

Генератор 100 kW для Харьковского центра крови - 1шт

Генератор 100 kW для Черкасской станции скорой помощи - 1шт

Генераторы бензиновые и дизельные, мощностью от 3,5 kW до 10 kW 278 шт.

Генераторы для детских садов «Барвінок» в с.Крюковщина, Киевской обл. и «Колобок» в с. Вишневое - 2 шт

Генераторы Proton 10 kW для посёлка быстровозводимых домов - 10 шт

Буржуйки (дровяные печи) 378 шт.
Шамотные печи 20 шт
Электростанции 76 шт.

Раскладушки 100 шт

Плитка газовая с 3-мя газовыми баллонами в комплекте 140 шт (и 420 шт баллонов)

Инвертор 2 шт

Спальные мешки для взрослых 205 шт

Детские спальные мешки 101 шт

Плитки газовые 29 шт.

Баллоны газовые 29 шт

Powerbank 20 шт.

Дезинфекторы - 40 коробок

Our partners


  • Natalia Shavshukova
    A co-founder of the School for Local Governance, 2004-2008 – a member of the Municipal Assembly of Levoberezhny District of Moscow; currently residing in Warsaw, Poland
  • Maria Solenova
    A deputy at the Deputy Council of the Sokol district of Moscow, currently residing in Riga, Latvia
  • Evgeniy Domozhirov
    A member of the municipal assembly of Vologda region, a Navalny’s office coordinator in 2018, currently residing in Warsaw
  • Georgy Nurmanov
    A co-founder of Russians for Ukraine, Georgy has been living in Poland since 2015
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